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Out of the ashes of war, a tentative truce emerges between the Humans, Beta and the Goo—but peace doesn’t last long. Ecosystem Nine finds itself thrust into turmoil once again with the arrival of a destructive, alien life form known as the Shroud.

Grey Goo is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that combines classic strategy mechanics and a balanced combat system with an emphasis on large-scale decision-making. It puts you at the center of a tactical struggle for survival—and ultimately, control of Ecosystem 9.

Take on the single-player campaign to command three factions: the Humans, masters of defensive architecture; the Beta, a proud, versatile alien race; and the Goo, an enigmatic, highly mobile life form. Or compete with any of the four multiplayer factions—including the disruptive, unpredictable Shroud.

For a limited time, get Grey Goo Definitive Edition FREE when you buy an EVGA Motherboard or select EVGA Power Supplies.

Choose Your Weapon

EVGA Power Supplies
  • 400 Watts
  • 100-GD-0450-XX
  • 123-GM-0450-XX
  • 550 Watts
  • 100-GD-0500-XX
  • 100-GD-0550-XX
  • 123-GM-0550-XX
  • 220-G2-0550-XX
  • 220-G3-0550-XX
  • 220-GA-0550-XX
  • 220-GS-0550-XX
  • 220-GT-0550-XX
  • 650 Watts
  • 100-GD-0600-XX
  • 110-GQ-0600-XX
  • 100-GD-0650-XX
  • 120-G1-0650-XX
  • 120-GP-0650-XX
  • 123-GM-0650-XX
  • 210-GQ-0650-XX
  • 220-G2-0650-XX
  • 220-G3-0650-XX
  • 220-G5-0650-XX
  • 220-GA-0650-XX
  • 220-GS-0650-XX
  • 220-GT-0650-XX
  • 220-P2-0650-XX
  • 750 Watts
  • 100-GD-0700-XX
  • 110-GQ-0700-XX
  • 120-G1-0750-XX
  • 120-GP-0750-XX
  • 210-GQ-0750-XX
  • 210-PQ-0750-XX
  • 220-G2-0750-XX
  • 220-G3-0750-XX
  • 220-G5-0750-XX
  • 220-GA-0750-XX
  • 220-GL-0750-XX
  • 220-GT-0750-XX
  • 220-P2-0750-XX
  • 220-T2-0750-XX
  • 850 Watts
  • 120-GP-0850-XX
  • 210-GQ-0850-XX
  • 210-PQ-0850-XX
  • 220-G2-0850-XX
  • 220-G3-0850-XX
  • 220-G5-0850-XX
  • 220-GA-0850-XX
  • 220-GL-0850-XX
  • 220-GS-0850-XX
  • 220-GT-0850-XX
  • 220-P2-0850-XX
  • 220-T2-0850-XX
  • 1000 Watts
  • 120-G1-1000-XX
  • 120-G2-1000-XX
  • 120-GP-1000-XX
  • 210-GQ-1000-XX
  • 210-PQ-1000-XX
  • 220-G3-1000-XX
  • 220-G5-1000-XX
  • 220-P2-1000-XX
  • 220-PS-1000-XX
  • 220-T2-1000-XX
  • 220-GS-1050-XX
  • 1200 Watts
  • 220-P2-1200-XX
  • 1300 Watts
  • 120-G2-1300-XX
  • 120-M1-1300-XX
  • 220-GP-1300-XX
  • 1600 Watts
  • 120-G2-1600-XX
  • 220-GP-1600-XX
  • 220-P2-1600-XX
  • 220-T2-1600-XX
EVGA Motherboards
  • 111-SS-E172
  • 131-HE-E095
  • 131-HE-E995
  • 140-SS-E177
  • 142-SS-E178
  • 150-HE-E997
  • 151-BE-E097
  • 151-HE-E999
  • 151-SS-E179

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Valid only for purchases on or after March 25 2016